Products and Services


Centralpack will design, furnish, and install HVAC system controls and building management systems. We will analyze your control needs or problem and specify a control system for you. Whether your needs are a single new thermostat or a complete ATC system or building management system, Centralpack will design and install it for you.

Equipment Replacement

One of the specialties of Centralpack Service is equipment replacement. Whether replacing a rooftop HVAC unit, cooling tower, water chiller, or boiler, it is done with the highest care, speed, and lowest cost. Centralpack has replaced every type of air conditioning equipment. Our replacement work includes all peripheral work, and if walls or roofs need to be removed and replaced in order to replace the air handling equipment, we can do that too. This is including any structural steel for supporting the equipment.

Installation Work

If you have any needs for new or expanded HVAC systems, Centralpack will design and furnish them for you. Whether your needs are to cool a new computer room or to heat and air condition a new office building, laboratory, warehouse, or industrial building, Centralpack will design and furnish the system for you.

Preventative Maintenance

Contract Equipment and systems are maintained on an ongoing basis with an agreed-upon number of annual inspections. At each inspection, equipment is thoroughly inspected, filters are changed, belts tightened, bearings are lubricated, electrical contacts are checked, and control programs are checked to see that time settings are in order. Service, if required, is done on a time and material basis with a predetermined hourly rate. Service call responses are all made within a guaranteed response time.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance is provided as described above for the preventative maintenance contracts, and, in addition, all costs for service labor are included in the price of the contract. Parts and material are billed at a predetermined mark-up. Just as with maintenance contracts, all service call responses are made with guaranteed response time.

Specialty Services

Centralpack provides all types of specialty HVAC services. This includes the design, installation, and service of Clean Rooms, Computer Rooms, Low-Temperature Rooms, Low Humidity, and Special Environment Rooms. We provide air and water balancing, and we clean HVAC equipment or entire systems. We also offer refrigerant recycling and recovery. All of our technicians are EPA approved for this work.

System Diagnostics and Correction Work

If you have a sick system with insufficient capacity, poor indoor air quality, control problems, or irritating noise levels, Centralpack can find a solution. This will begin with an investigation of the problem and a diagnosis of the cause. We will then prescribe the solution to solve the problem. A fixed cost will be given to provide a complete solution.

Water Treatment

Centralpack will provide initial water treatment and continuous water treatment for all types of systems. This may be for cooling towers, hot water heating, chilled water, or process water. We will analyze your needs and determine what treatment is necessary. This treatment can be a separate contract or can be integrated into a maintenance contract.

Equipment Centralpack Services and Installs

Air Conditioning Systems, Air Conditioning Units/Unitary, Air Conditioning Units/Split, Air Handling Units, Air Filters, Air Flow Stations, Automatic Temperature Controls, Balancing, Boilers: Gas/Oil fired, Hot Water & Steam, Building Management Systems, Burners: Gas & Oil fired, Cabinet Heaters, Chilled Water Systems, Chillers Absorption, Chillers Electric, Clean Room Systems, Computer Room Unit, Condensate Systems, Controls, Cooling Towers, Dehumidifiers Desiccant and Electric, Direct Fired Equipment, Door Heaters, Ductwork, Ductwork Cleaning, Energy Management, Evaporative Coolers, Exhaust Systems, Fans, Fan Coil Units, Furnaces: Electric, Gas & Oil, Geothermal, Heating Systems, Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery Units, Humidifiers, Indoor Air Quality, Infrared Heating Systems, Insulation, Makeup Air Units, Multizone Units, PTAC Units, Piping Process Cooling, Process Heating, Pumps, Radiation, Radiant Heating, Refrigeration Recovery, Refrigeration Systems, Rooftop Heating/Cooling Units, Seismic, Snow Melting Systems, Sound Control, Split Systems, Steam Heating Systems, Thermal Storage, Variable Air Volume Systems, Variable Air Volume Terminals, Vibration Isolation, Unit Heaters, Unit Ventilators, Water Chillers, Water Source Heat Pumps