Centralpack Employment

Centralpack is currently seeking an HVAC TECHNICIAN in the Northern, NJ area that can perform work on heating, ventilating, a/c and refrigeration systems. Knowledge of building automation systems, energy management control systems, pneumatic and electrical controls. The ability to perform skilled labor to install, alter, calibrate, repair, and maintain HVAC control systems and auxiliaries. Must have the ability to work all shifts, including weekends and holidays.
Can repair, and replace centrifugal, reciprocating, absorption and direct expansion systems types of air conditioning equipment including related electrical motors, steam turbines, and their respective controls. Can repair, and replace heating, cooling, humidification, and filtering equipment and systems such as fans, heat pumps, fan coil units, rooftop package air conditioning units, solar panels, electronic and pneumatic modulating thermostats, pressure and volume controls. Can repair blowers, blower motors, fans and fan motors, belt drives, bearings, dampers, damper motors, compressors, checks and thermostatic expansion valves. Performs troubleshooting of systems by reading and interpreting control logic diagrams, wiring schematics, and written instructions. Can repair, install and operate all Direct Digital Control systems as related to the HVAC equipment. Maintains records of time spent, materials used, and work completed. Uses work orders and fills in all pertinent information. Follows all safety procedures including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE.)

High School Diploma or GED certificate is preferred.

Three years of professional experience in work involving the installation, inspection, repair, maintenance, and operation of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Appointees will be required to possess a driver’s license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of the vehicle rather than employee mobility is necessary to perform the essential duties of the position. Candidate must have completed HVAC or Refrigeration trade school.
Knowledge of computerized building automation systems. Utilize test and measure devices as well as hand tools. Read and interpret blueprints, schematic drawings, and technical instructions. Prepare and present reports and facts clearly, both orally and in writing. Ability to perform in confined spaces, from ladders or elevated platforms.
Knowledge of: personal computer operation; electrical safety, building codes, Internal Air Quality (IAQ) Guidelines. Working knowledge of: Basic Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigeration Systems and Components, Water Source Heat Pumps, Absorption Chillers, Psychometry, Variable Air Volume Systems, Centrifugal Water Chillers, Refrigerant System Piping, Air Conditioning Fans, A/C Systems, Humidification and Heating Technologies, Automatic Control Systems.
Ability to analyze/trouble shoot problems is preferred. Ability to read, speak and understand English sufficiently to perform assignments and follow safety procedures.

We are seeking an HVAC Mechanical Engineer to become a part of our team! You will be required to perform a variety of engineering tasks, as well as identify areas of improvement to increase operation efficiency.


Oversee the installation and operation of various mechanical systems
Develop and present design / build proposals
Proactive in Identifying issues in the design /site visit.
AutoCad design skills
Oversee job progress while attending job meetings in the field.

Previous experience in mechanical engineering
AutoCad design skills
Knowledge in the HVAC field of Mechanical Engineering.
College Degree in Mechanical Engineering